PHPStorm 8 (early access version) released – for free

by ChrisMarch 7, 2014

JetBrains have just released an Early Access version of the upcoming PHPStorm 8. In case you never worked with PHPStorm or an IDE in general: DO IT NOW. There’s no logical reason not to work with an IDE.

As these early preview versions are still in development and might contain bugs, so they are free for everybody. Download PHPStorm 8 here and have a look into the new features here. By the way JetBrains has reacted to user’s requests and added lots of stuff, including the popular multi-select from Sublime.

Note: A build of PHPStorm EA versions runs for 30 days. Usually every few days or weeks a new build is published that resets that counter. Be careful when using EA versions, due to their nature they might be buggy and not suitable for usage in critical projects.


PHPStorm 8 (early access version) released – for free
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